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Working with Craft PD

Are you a dynamic instructor with great ideas to share? Do you want to share those ideas in exotic locations around the world? We’d love to hear from you!

Craft PD is always seeking to expand both its catalogue of quality professional development courses, as well as its roster of excellent instructors. If you’re interested in providing one or the other (or both!), please read through the following and fill out the application form below.

Craft PD Courses

At Craft, we take great pride in going above and beyond the norm. We want our courses to be useful, valuable, enlightening, exciting, and just as unique as the locations we visit. Because of this, we expect the following for all of our courses:

  • Each course provided MUST be a minimum of 15 certifiable hours (according to CPA Canada’s standards). You can submit shorter courses, provided the sum total hours add up to at least 15 hours and the courses are designed to work together
  • Each course provided must have a clear goal. Craft PD does not simply dump information – we help professionals hone their skills and so each course must target and clearly improve a professional’s skill(s)
  • Each course must pass an in-depth content audit by our team. Information must be current, regardless of what is being shared (if you’ve prepared a tax course that is taking place shortly after a budget is released – be ready to update quick!)
  • Due to rules regarding the tax deductibility of training taken non-locally, our courses must be unique. This cannot simply be a rehash of a course you teach elsewhere – it MUST be unique (within reason - as a rule of thumb, we ask that approximately 50% of the content is unique to the Craft PD course)
  • Each course must have a deliverable of some sort (a workbook, usually). As a course preparer, you are responsible for creating this deliverable. We will help you with formatting & styling according to our own guidelines

If it’s not clear yet, we do have high expectations. These cannot be simply your run of the mill PowerPoint presentations or stand-and-deliver speeches. They must be more.

What will you get in return?

  • For the first year you provide the course to us, and for each year thereafter that you maintain and update it, you will receive 50% of Craft PD’s gross margin on each course offering as a commission
  • Once you’ve decided to no longer update your course, you have two options:
    1. You can sell the course to us. You will receive payment equal to an estimated fair value based on the popularity of the course when it has been previously offered
    2. You can keep the course for your own use. However, you must wait for at least 18 months prior to offering the course again and must never reference it as a course previously taught through Craft PD

Craft PD Instructors

Great content doesn’t mean much if it isn’t delivered well. A dynamic instructor who is an engaging speaker but also a skilled listener is needed to help others grow and develop. Just like with our courses, we expect the very best. At a minimum, each instructor:

  • Must be thoroughly prepared for each course. This means being familiar with more than just the course – you need to be ready for any question an attendee may have, even those marginally related
  • Should be a better listener than a speaker. Craft PD is focused on helping professionals truly improve – this means that you can NOT just stand and deliver. You must listen and respond truly effectively
  • Needs to be truly invested in the growth and development of the attendees, and ready to go far above the minimum to make each attendee’s course an unforgettable experience
  • Must be able to provide us with some way of knowing how well they teach. This can be done by sharing evaluations, video recordings, access to online courses, a live teaching audit, or at a minimum multiple references directly related to delivering course content
  • Should be a designated professional of some sort, ideally of the profession they wish to teach, though this is not mandatory

Our instructors must be the pinnacle of effective teachers – we accept nothing less

What will you get in return?

  • For each course, you will receive 25% of Craft PD’s gross margin on the course offering as a commission
  • A free room/ticket to the location the course is delivered. Note that this will (usually) also be accompanied by a free guest room/ticket. However, you are responsible for your own flights

Some FAQs

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