Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

  • Up to the cut-off date (set individually for each sailing and indicated in the main cruise information table), the Craft PD Inc. workshop is 100% refundable
  • After the cut-off date, the fees paid to Craft PD Inc. are no longer refundable. You may be able to come to an agreement with the provider of the cruise or resort for a form of refund, transfer, or credit, but that is up to you – we do not provide assistance with cancellation or transfer issues.
  • You are allowed to transfer your workshop attendance fee to someone else up to 4 weeks prior to the actual workshop date, provided the cruise liner or resort also allows for the same adjustment to be made on your reservation

Payment policy

  • You have the freedom to make a full payment or partial payments over time to pay for your Craft PD Inc. workshop fee
  • However, the total amount of the workshop fee must be paid by the disclosed cut-off date. Any remaining amount not paid will immediately be charged to the provided credit card on the cut-off date
  • A failed payment will result in an immediate $500 penalty, and continued attempts to collect the fees will be made. If full payment is not made within 1 week of the cut-off date, then you will forfeit all payments made to date and your reserved spot on the Craft PD Inc. workshop.
  • The minimum $2,000 initial deposit is non-negotiable

Right of Cancellation

  • Without a minimum number of registrants by the cut-off date, the Craft PD Inc. workshop will be cancelled. Craft PD Inc. reserves the right to cancel any workshop without prior warning, but will issue full refunds (or, at your discretion, credit towards a future workshop) if this is ever done.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to assume the reservation from Craft PD Inc. If you choose this, then the reservation will be transferred to you personally. You will be refunded the fees paid to Craft PD Inc. and will then be responsible to pay the resort or cruise liner the associated cost of the booking. (Note that this provides you with the flexibility to book flights or additions to the trip without worrying about a cancellation)
  • Craft PD Inc. reserves the right to maintain its own policies on when or if a workshop will be cancelled. If cancelled, you cannot keep your cruise or resort booking unless you make arrangements with the provider themselves (which we will facilitate, as mentioned above).
  • Craft PD Inc. is not responsible for costs associated with cancelling, transferring or changing flights.

Limitation of Liability

  • By signing up and paying for a Craft PD Inc. provided workshop, you agree to hold Craft PD Inc. guiltless of any fault outside those directly within Craft PD Inc.’s control. That is, you agree that Craft PD Inc. is only responsible for the proper delivery of a workshop.
  • False information shared in a workshop is the fault of the presenter, not Craft PD Inc. Craft PD Inc. simply acts as an intermediary to help the presenter, the cruise/resort, and the attendees come together and is not responsible for anything outside of these factors
  • Craft PD Inc. is not responsible for determining the tax deductibility of the workshop fees paid to Craft PD Inc. This is solely your responsibility to determine how much, if any, of the fees paid are allowable deductions according to the governing tax laws of your country
  • Craft PD Inc. is also not responsible for any international work being done by you during the time you are on a Craft PD Inc. workshop. You are responsible for the correct declaration and determination of your visa, immigration, and international work status for each workshop you attend
  • While we make guarantees of take-home abilities after each of our workshops, it is ultimately the responsibility of yourself to obtain those take-homes. We provide a guarantee only within reason – if you do not attend or do not participate, it is unreasonable to assume you would obtain or develop any new skills

Right to a refund:

  • If your workshop is entirely unsatisfactory, we ask that you indicate so within a message to Craft PD Inc. as soon as possible. Provided there is proof of poor performance of any sort, we will provide each affected attendee with a credit towards a future cruise. Note that this credit will not equal the full workshop cost, but only a portion related to the amount paid to the teacher of the workshop
  • Missing the workshop, or a part of the workshop, for any reason, does not provide you with a right to a refund for any reason. In other words, refunds (in the form of a credit) will only be provided to individuals who attended the entire workshop
  • Failing to adhere to any terms herein also waives any right you may otherwise have had to a refund