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Why Craft PD?

From lessons to atmosphere, we are pushing continuing education forward. The old recipe for PD, a knowledgeable keynote speaker and a conference room, worked for some, but many went home trying to read through hastily scrawled notes to recall what the speaker said, making it hard to bring that learning home.

That’s why we’re offering a more holistic approach to PD, and adding in an atmosphere that can’t be beat. Because whether it be a cruise ship or a resort, you deserve the best.

Already in?


We believe that lectures aren’t enough to transform an accounting practice. And at Craft PD, that’s our aim – to teach you skills that you’ll be able to put into practice right away. That’s why we include hands-on learning and plug-and-play templates that will give you the ability to do more for your clients.


No one has ever chosen a boardroom over a cruise ship. Or a resort. Or a theme park. By combining PD with wonderful locations and fun experiences, we’re making PD more enjoyable.

We have worked with Jaden for over a year and he has been invaluable to our business. Whether it was accounting services or business advising he has been knowledgeable, easy to reach and quick to reply. He is professional and highly-skilled, but also has been very caring about our needs as a new business and regularly has gone the extra mile for us. We can't recommend him highly enough!

- Treena Banda

Myself and our firm have dealt with Alain Nobert for many years. We have recommended many clients to him for their complex tax issues and planning. Alain always explains the plan to our clients in a way that they can understand and is able to answer any questions from our clients or us. We appreciate that we can rely on his extensive experience and knowledge when needed.

- Shelden Tjeerdema

Are the benefits of Craft PD for you?

Not everyone is ready to combine their PD with an adventure – for some it doesn’t make sense, for others their boss just isn’t ready to pony up to send them on a vacation. But for those who are ready, Craft PD is the answer to a question you didn’t even know you were asking.

Craft PD is for accountants who are:

  • Wanting to expand the services they can offer
  • Passionate to learn more
  • Looking for an adventure
  • In need of a vacation

Craft PD is not for accountants who:

  • Are reimbursed for their PD hours by their boss (unless they agree to it. In which case, you’ve found yourself an amazing boss. Good job!)
  • Are happy to do the “same as last year"
  • Prefer the safety of a conference room over an adventure on the high seas or the tranquility of a beach

Princess Cruises

Our Partner On The Seven Seas

We’ve partnered with Princess Cruise Lines to ensure the best cruise experience for you and your guest. Princess not only offers amazing on-boat experiences but also well-planned exploration days that will make your PD days the most memorable you’ve ever had.

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With Princess Cruise Lines you get:

  • Made fresh foods
  • Menus designed by Michelin Star chefs
  • The best spa on the seven seas
  • Endless entertainment options onboard
  • Guided tours and local advice on exploration days

Our Companion On The Peaceful Shore

We’ve partnered with Sandals to ensure that every course with them is a dream come true. As the world’s only 5-star Luxury Included™ resorts, every day with Sandals will be an experience of heaven on earth. Never thought you’d be able to say that about your PD, did you?

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With Sandals you get:

  • A luxurious room at a beach resort
  • A stress-free all-inclusive experience
  • 5-Star global gourmet meals and premium liquors
  • Access to every land and water sport
  • Many other complimentary benefits

Included in your Craft Registration

  • High-quality PD hours to help you improve
  • The full benefits of the cruise or resort we're headed to
  • A free ticket for a guest of your choice
  • Various additional benefits (each location is unique)
    Note that flights are NOT included

2021 Courses To Be Finalized Soon!

Tentatively, we are exploring the following options:

Announcement Coming Soon! Sandals Princess More Coming Soon!
Date February 2021 May 2021 June 2021
Location Florida Ochi, Jamaica Eastern Caribbean
Number of days 6-8 6 7

We’re looking to expand our course offerings for 2021 and beyond too – apply here!

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How we’ll help you bring more value to your practice

There are many different types of learners – from those who prefer lectures to those who love to be more hands-on. We cover a variety of teaching methods to make sure everyone who attends will understand the concepts and tools we cover.

Then, we go further by providing plug and play templates created from years of experience that will allow you to incorporate what you’ve learned on your first day back at work.

Craft PD's Course Catalog

Course Outline - Section 85

(*subject to change - if one or two things listed here are the sole reason you are taking the course, please let us know so we can ensure they are addressed)

By Completing This Course, You Should:

  • Have gained experience in completing a routine Section 85 election from start to finish
  • Understand various traps and know how to avoid them
  • Be prepared to read, understand, and edit legal documents related to a Section 85 election
  • Have gained experience using Craft PD templates, enabling you to complete a Section 85 election with confidence
  • Be equipped to advise clients of when to use a Section 85 rollover and explain to them how it works

Technical Concepts That Will Be Discussed:

  • An overview of Section 85, including who can use it and why it’s useful
  • What types of property can (or cannot) be transferred under Section 85
  • Understanding and choosing the elected amounts
  • Understanding, calculating, and determining consideration to be issued and in what form it will be issued
  • Calculating and working with paid up capital (PUC), including the differences with legal stated capital
  • Calculating and working with adjusted cost base (ACB), including how to carve
  • The use of price adjustment clauses

Practical Examples

  • Incorporation of a sole proprietor
  • Incorporation of a partnership and subsequent windup
  • Using Section 85 to introduce a holding company into the corporate structure
  • Using Section 85 to accomplish an estate freeze
  • Depending on time: Incorporation of a cash-based farm

Concepts Covered in the Practical Examples

  • Performing the calculations
  • Preparing the letter to the lawyer
  • Reviewing the draft legal documents
  • The T2057 election
  • The GST 44 election
  • Completing bump designations

Understanding How Other Provisions of the Income Tax Act Intertwine With Section 85

  • Comparison of Section 85 versus Section 51 and Section 86
  • Anti-surplus stripping provisions of Section 84.1 and Section 212.1
  • Stop loss rules
  • Discussion of Section 55
  • Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption

And more, such as common traps and how to avoid them as well as other general tips

Please note that the above course outline is subject to change

2021 Courses

More courses are coming in 2021, and it could be yours – apply here

Jaden has been a huge asset for our business, London Road Media. He helped me with understanding tax/accounting implications for months prior to our incorporation, and became our accountant as soon as we were incorporated. He's always available with advice and insight, even beyond what you would hope from an accountant, but also stretching into broader business coaching. Jaden's involvement in our business has guided us to some significant changes in how we do business, for the better.

- Lane Anderson

I have worked with Alain Nobert for over 10 years doing my business and personal taxes. His expertise in the tax specialist field makes him one of the best as far as I am concerned. He is professional, trustworthy and always does what is right for his clients. His work ethic and dedication to his field are extraordinary. I would have no problem recommending Alain to anyone in any circumstance he is by far the smartest accountant I have ever met.

- Darren Ammann

Speakers / Who We Are

We are Alain Nobert, CPA, CA, and Jaden Evanson, CPA, and we want to make professional development for accountants better.

Alain Nobert - CPA, CA

Alain Nobert
  • Partner of Volution LLP
  • 18 years experience working on income tax matters
  • Completed the CICA In-depth Taxation course
  • Specializes in domestic tax planning for corporations, corporate groups and individuals

Jaden Evanson - CPA

Jaden Evanson

An idea for something greater

Alain Nobert enjoyed sharpening his skills with continuing education, but he also loved being outdoors in the sunshine (and not trapped in some hotel conference room). For a long time, he thought these great activities would never meet. But then, his friends in the medical field told him about PD days done on a cruise ship, enjoying the wonderful sunshine while relaxing and networking with their peers. This put a seed of an idea into Alain’s head.

A passion for teaching

Ever since Jaden Evanson was young, before he was a CPA, he had a passion for teaching. From religious to university classrooms, Jaden loves to get in front of people and make them laugh and stay engaged as he teaches.

That passion for teaching, combined with Alain’s experience and knowledge of the Income Tax Act turned into Craft PD.

After all, who doesn’t want to get out of the office as often as possible?

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